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About Us

The Rose Bud Church of Christ is a small church home to many in and outside the Rose Bud community. We strive to follow the teachings of the New Testament as the inspired word of God. The congregation here in Rose Bud is a very welcoming group of brothers and sisters in Christ with a great mix of personalities and people that anyone could easily call friends.

Our Elders, are excellent church leaders that are always willing to lend a hand when needed or listen to anything that might be of concern. These men serve the church here at Rose Bud as Elders and always have a smile to give and kind word for everyone.

The women here at Rose Bud are always helping to organize events for the congregation and the community. Don't forget to join us each first Sunday of the month after services for a great meal prepared by many of these wonderful women, and others, when we have our monthly potluck meal.

The church here at Rose Bud has classes all ages. Whether you have a 6 month old or you are 86 years old, we have a class ready and organized for teaching the Bible to any age group.The youth in the church and the community plays a big part in why we have a vacation bible school each year. Doing a vacation bible school each year allows us a chance to reach out to the friends and family of all ages in the community to help spread God's word through classes, skits, puppets, singing, food, and lots of fun!

Missions has always been of great importance. We have been supporting many works in and out of Arkansas to help to do God's work.

Outreach in the community including vacation bible school, local support of school activities, VBS, Trunk or Treat, Breakfast with Santa, etc. have been a great success. The congregation here at Rose Bud strives to serve God by spreading his word through not only words but also our actions.

It is our hope and prayer that you would come and visit us to see everything that's been mentioned above for yourself! You're always welcomed at the Rose Bud Church of Christ!

Rose Bud Church of Christ
501 HWY 5, Rose Bud, AR 72137
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